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Supporting New Voices

“Sometimes the greatest PD is the teacher down the hall.”

This quote has been circulating on social media for awhile now, and I personally could not agree more. We can learn a lot from our colleagues. It benefits us to build these collaborative relationships and get out of our classrooms to go see other teachers. We can see new strategies in action, get a grasp on something we’re unsure of, or even gain a new perspective.

All of this is valuable and meaningful to our growth as educators. Especially in this collaborative world. But there’s another component that is getting overlooked.

We shouldn’t be the only ones learning from our colleagues.

It’s important to help them get their unique experiences, their fresh ideas, and their innovation out into the world. So that even more people can benefit and learn from it.

When I started my blog, my biggest concern was that I had nothing important to say. Would anyone even want to read it?

I eventually (obviously) took the plunge and put my ideas out there, but some encouragement from a colleague would have made me feel so much more confident. Now that I have regularly put myself out there, begun presenting at conferences, and started to build a wider range of connections, it is my goal to help others start to share their ideas as well.

Educators often refer to our students bringing a variety of experiences to our classrooms, and the value that comes in when we actively encourage them to share those experiences with their peers. We work to incorporate our students’ voices into our classrooms all the time. We should be doing the same with our fellow educators.

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by some really amazing teachers who I learn from all the time. Since starting to work with Teach Better, I’ve witnessed the beauty of educators who genuinely lift each other up. I have seen the connections, the growth, and the benefits of bringing in and supporting new voices.

When we support each other, when we lift up new perspectives, we all get better.

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