Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Katelynn Giordano, hailing from the suburbs of Chicago. Those of you from Illinois might recognize the last name, but unfortunately there’s no relation to the pizza!
I’m a sixth grade language arts teacher, wife, coffee enthusiast, and overbearing cat mom. I have a slight caffeine addiction, and an even bigger one for buying books to put in my classroom library.
My passion is for motivating my students to love reading and inspiring them to find their voices through writing. I am constantly trying to better my teaching practice, and I started this blog to do what all teachers do best– share resources and thoughts on education. A fun side effect has been my improved writing instruction and my newfound ability to relate to my students on all the struggles that come with being a writer.

The thoughts, opinions, rants, and ideas posted on this site are all my own. I aim to share my own experiences and the take I have on educational topics, some of which might be considered controversial. The views I share do not reflect the stance of my district and are entirely, uniquely mine. Where anything is posted that is not my own, the authors are credited.