On Compliance [Part 3: Assessment & Grading]

I’ve written about standards-based grading before (check it out here), so it’s no secret that I am supportive of this movement. In my recent reflection on the ways schools can promote compliance, it occurred to me that some of the traditional assessment and grading practices do just that. Our traditional grading systems tie an arbitrary… Continue reading On Compliance [Part 3: Assessment & Grading]

On Compliance [Part 2: Students Deserve Answers]

As teachers, reflecting on our why is commonplace. We often refer back to why we choose to spend our days surrounded by children, why we exhaust our resources and ourselves day in and day out, and why it is so worth it to help shape the educational experiences of our students. Lately, the push in… Continue reading On Compliance [Part 2: Students Deserve Answers]

On Compliance [Part 1: Wait for Directions]

I’ve heard many conversations lately surrounding the new generation of students that are just now entering college or the workforce. They are venturing out on their own for the first time and attempting to find their way. It’s exciting for them to enter into this newfound independence, and many of them are bright-eyed and enthusiastic… Continue reading On Compliance [Part 1: Wait for Directions]