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Classroom and school culture are massive components of our jobs as educators. It’s integral that we cultivate an environment where our students and staff feel comfortable and supported. Because then they are able to learn and work most effectively. We’ve each spent a lot of time this school year building these wonderful classroom and school… Continue reading “Classroom” Culture During COVID-19

You hear a lot these days about the importance of building relationships with your students. It seems like a typical education ‘buzzword’, popping up in all the current blogs, Twitter chats, Instagram stories, and even research. While this concept is gaining popularity (or so it seems), I can tell you with 100% certainty that it… Continue reading The Impact of Teachers Who Care

The first week of school is a hectic one. No one is quite used to the new routine, everyone is still half in summer mode, and you’re busy trying to welcome and connect with a whole new group of students. There’s a lot of advice out there on those first few days, and people hold… Continue reading What I Do in the First Week of School

Did you ever run into your teacher outside of school when you were a kid? It was weird, right? Like they had an actual life, outside of school, where they bought groceries and hung out with their friends and family. It was so hard to fathom then that my teachers were real, human people. As… Continue reading Being Human

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