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Educators everywhere have embarked on a school year unlike any other. In the spring, we were in survival mode, doing everything we could to stay afloat and be there for our kids. We learned from that experience and started this year feeling a little more sure of what we were doing. If you’re anything like… Continue reading Recalibrating This School Year

This is for all my fellow planners… Those who invest in a beautifully organized system of lessons, who plan weeks (months) ahead of time to create cohesion. 2020 has been an exercise in procrastination. Not real procrastination, but procrastination by my definition. I am one who plans units at a time, adjusting them as necessary… Continue reading #SOL20: To All My Fellow Planners

Like many this week, I reflect on the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I was sitting on the couch after a long week of virtual teaching, when I opened the News app to catch up. My gasp was so loud that my husband came in from the other room, thinking I had hurt myself. We… Continue reading #SOL20 – Notorious RBG

The unknown can be scary. Especially when you are an adult, trying to figure out next steps, or your future is relying on it. Right now, the unknown is my reality. For the past few years, my husband has been working full time and taking high-level mathematics and economic courses. He’s been spending time learning,… Continue reading Embracing the Unknown

I’ve been struggling lately. For about a year, I’ve felt a little confused, a little stagnant, and a little lost. I’m a goal-oriented person, and having achieved a few over the last year, I didn’t have a new one in mind. It was frightening. I’d been sitting in that place with no direction for awhile.… Continue reading Finding my people

“What you seek is seeking you.” -Rumi I received this beautiful note at NCTE from a fellow slicer and educator. Since I first read it, it has filled me with such light. Sometimes it is amazing to me how well strangers can know you. Last week, I got on a plane to Baltimore to attend… Continue reading On Gratitude

“Sometimes the greatest PD is the teacher down the hall.” This quote has been circulating on social media for awhile now, and I personally could not agree more. We can learn a lot from our colleagues. It benefits us to build these collaborative relationships and get out of our classrooms to go see other teachers.… Continue reading Supporting New Voices

Last week, I had an interesting conference. For the past few years, our parent-teacher conferences have been student led. Our students spend time creating a presentation for their parents, complete with evidence of their learning, examples of work they’ve done, and rules they get to set for the 20 minutes they are in charge of… Continue reading Learning from Student-Led Conferences

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